Cognitive Apps - How It Works

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You must know if any of your teams are approaching the Red Zone: the state of Stress, Exhaustion or even if they are under Depression Risk. There are ways to overcome burnout instead of switching jobs. Give them personalized and relevant to their state social package services to prevent short- and long-term disability claims.

How does Cognitive Apps solution work?

Aiki delivers a comprehensive approach to well-being, supporting
the whole person, demonstrating care from the organization
and integrating with the whole ecosystem — tied to your unique company culture.

Solution workflow

U.S. corporations spend $100B annually to eliminate the consequences of burnout and depression of employees instead of preventing such conditions — Forbes
Company health stats
Take a pulse check of your organisation's mental health from your real-time dashboard. Plus to these metrics, we also deliver insights and recommendations for activities that address specific areas of opportunity and empower you to create a more healthy environment.
Departments burnout rate
Scan your organization, understand the issues and re-engage your people. Leveraging our comprehensive approach to employee well-being, Cognitive Apps identifies groups at risk for burnout and enables organizations to act quickly to prevent it. Cognitive Apps auto-generates a weekly Company graph with Burnout indices and recommendations for action.
Return on investment
Unlock the value of HR investments and reduce costs associated with claims, absenteeism and turnover. Cognitive Apps’ dynamic benefits feature simplifies program management for administrators while connecting employees with the options most relevant to them – all through a single, personalised user interface. The results? Streamlined employee experience, less administrative burden, higher program usage, and HR investments that pay off.